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The Lab works with a team of highly skilled cultural arts professionals to provide boutique style arts and cultural consulting.  The Lab provides models and implementation for urban cultural arts projects across the globe.  The Lab provides one stop tailored shopping for Urban Planning, Arts and Cultural projects using our innovative Social Magic Sustainability Model™.  

Creative Consulting Boutique was formed in 2006 by Gia M. Hamilton, founding partner of the Gris Gris Lab, International Healing Arts Space which opened in October of 2009.  Hamilton has worked in the Visual Art, Arts in Education, Cultural Arts and Holistic Health sector for over 12 years as a consultant for organizations like The Caribbean Cultural Center and Diasporic Institute, The Leadership Program, Brooklyn Artist Gym and Junebug Productions, Inc.  

The Creative Consulting Boutique’s mission is to provide dynamic, leading edge services, programming, curricula to individuals and organizations with our team of highly skilled cultural arts professionals at affordable rates using our Social Magic Sustainability Model™.

The Lab’s Areas of Interest

Multidisciplinary projects involving Urban Ethnographic Documentation (written & visual) of the Afrofuturistic experience in Art, Culture, Design and Theory

Urban Planning and Sustainable Community Building Project Management

Urban Healing Projects©

Professional Development for Arts in Education (including culturally relevant curricula and educational pedagogy)

Interdisciplinary Urban Agriculture Experiments

What The Lab offers

“Cultural Applications” through our signature Playshops© (Creative problem solving & skill based)

Project and Organizational Assessment/ Project Management

Professional Development Facilitation

Train the trainer

Curation of interdisciplinary exhibits and events

Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation

Visual Documentation via film, videography, photography and mixed media

Highly Skilled, project focused Administrative Coordinators

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