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International Healing Arts Center and Movement
2245 Brainard Street
New Orleans, LA 70113
Gris Gris Lab (pronounced Gree-Gree) redefines the concept of magic in contemporary society and examines transformational living, intentional community and creative expression as a powerful means to healing.  Gris Gris Lab offers dynamic programming, non traditional healing services, space rental and creative consulting services. 



Our Core Values of the Social Magic Sustainability Model(TM)

Social  Magic is practiced by transforming the processes of possessiveness and competition into systems of sharing and cooperation, or by renewing processes of neighborly mutual aid, or by maintaining traditional tribal culture, the result is a change in quality of life and shifts in personal values.

Creating our own happiness ethic through processes transformational living through  social contracts within a community is essentially the process of collective behavior resulting in forms of intentional community, defined as people practicing common agreement and collective action.

 By providing Intentional Community Organizer Training, Gris Gris Lab influences a generation of organizers and thereby facilitates healing and engages  members in asset mapping and specialized action plans .

 Hours of Operation

Tuesdays- Fridays 11am to 6pm

Saturdays 11am to 4pm

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Join the magic of Gris Gris Lab, where you will find enchantment in the everyday. We believe that healing, living, and thriving are fostered through intentional, supportive community.So welcome, we look forward to making magic with you this fall during our nationally recognized Intentional Living and Community Building Program this year.

2010/2011 Membership Rates


We are pleased to announce our FRIENDS OF GRIS GRIS LAB  for the Fall 2010/2011 year

◦Artist/student (1 community heal-a-long session/, herbal tea, 1 newsletter listing)                                 $20/yr

◦Professional (2 community heal-a-long sessions, herbal tea, 1 newsletter listing & 1 newsletter feature)          $40/yr                                  

◦Alternative Health Care (2) one hour sessions monthly, plus free weekly community heal-a-long sessions)  $50/mo


Gris Gris Lab offers donor options that can function in various, complementary ways to your group or organization. We provide packages that can act as a supplemental benefits option for respective participant/employee health and wellness, as well as education-based packages that include multidisciplinary playshops and programs designed around the spirit of intentional community, creative problem solving and healing.

Quartz Donor Level (Community Partner):  $1,200 annual or $100/mo

◦Access to and inclusion in Gris Gris Lab’s international network of artists, healers, community leaders, activists and more.

◦name listed on website, press& print materials as community partner

◦Discounts on space rental.

◦(2) hour long healing sessions per month

◦Free heal -a-long sessions weekly

Amethyst Donor Level (Community Sponsor): $2,400 annual or $200/mo

◦all of the above plus

◦1 free Gris Gris Lab space rental

Be a part of our enchanting community and Join the Magic!

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