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Food Justice Course: a social justice, service learning and skills based project

January 28, 2011

We know that it’s hard to keep our new years’ resolutions especially when they involve being more active or eating healthier foods. But we have just the thing to help you stick with it! Our beloved community partners over at the Gris Gris Lab are offering a 12 week Food Justice course which will cover the basics of food policy, nutrition, and sustainable food growing practices. The first class meets Wednesday, February 9th at 6pm at the Gris Gris Lab on Brainard Street in Central City.
The objective of the Food Justice Course is to introduce students to green and sustainable resources in New Orleans, deepen participants awareness of community building, provide an urban micro-farm to serve as a model for sustainable communities, to train culturally aware leaders as community ethnographers (Food Justice Advocates) with access to tools, skills and resources that allow Intentional Living and Community Building to happen in traditionally under-served communities. We hope you’ll check out the Food Justice course, and begin living a healthier lifestyle!

Food Justice: A Survey and Service Project in Central City

The Food Justice course serves as an introductory course in community building through food access, service and experiential learning and urban farming models.
Some of the topics covered during the course are seeds, soil, microfarming, urban farming models, the culture of food in New Orleans, food access and asset mapping, ethnography and serving the mentor (master) farmers through service work on their farms.
 The Food Justice course intentionally targets diverse participants in order to engage in healthy discussion around social justice and food access issues and strategies.  The course integrates Gris Gris Lab’s mission which promotes the intersection of urban agriculture, health and healing and community based art. Food Justice has the potential to link different kinds of advocates of a different kind of food system. Artists, health and environmental advocates, food quality, workers rights, farmers and community members participate in sustainable fractal like models of community building through the path of food justice.
The Food Justice course defines social justice through food issues by ensuring that the benefits and risks where, what and how food is grown, produced, transported, distributed, accessed and eaten are shared fairly. The Food Justice course participants serve as community ethnographers collecting stories, visuals and images of food desserts, cultural gatherings related to food and food preparation as well as mapping the city’s growing interest in food access. Each generation of course participants serve as mentors for the next generation thereby creating a large network of diverse and engaged community members.  Each course will specifically target multi-generations including children in central city, youth enrolled in the Rethink Program and neighborhood elders while learning from long time local growers

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  1. Lindsey B. permalink
    February 16, 2011 3:49 pm

    This is such a great idea for a class. I wish I had seen this before. How regularly will you be holding these classes?! I’d like so much to participate in the next one!


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