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Lifestyle Design for the Off the Grid Socialite

January 12, 2011

Artist Seydou Keita

Gris Gris Lab ( pronounced gree-gree) is an international healing arts center and Social Magic Movement.

Quantum Leaps continue this  spring season with more food justice dialog,  art projects and exhibits and a mixture of theory and urban planning.  Upon finding this portrait by renowned artist Seydou Keita, I was inspired by African textile design.  It seems that good design is in fact sustainable, it is well intentioned and fits into a largr framework.  Using African fractal thoery in urban planning in communities of color makes sense on so many levels.  First, the design is likely to be an intuitive process, for example the author of African Fractals points out how young black girls braid fractals into each others hair everyday!  Imagine that!  Braiding a complex mathematical code into someone’s hair without even realizing it., now that’s saying something for cellular memore and Bruce Lipton’s work around DNA programming.  If more communitis of color can participate in teh process of planning thir neighborhoods and shared public space, I am sure we will find more visual prompts, gathering space as aesthetically pleasing as well as functional show up a great deal more.    As we approach the Urban Affairs Conference, I encourage each of you to email your ideas about what a social just city looks like.  Photos, drawing, writing and scribbles and everything in between will be considered.  Let’s get the dialogue going…. for voice to voice dialog check out every second and fourth Saturday from 3:30 to 4:00pm Central time as Tilman Hardy of CORE and Gia Hamilton ( Gris Gris Mama/ creator of the Social Magic Sustainability Model) host SUSTAINABLE NEW ORLEANS: bringing the dialogue back to the community.

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