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January 9, 2011


“Jumpinyabinghi” By Valerie Ceasar

I Put A Spell On You: Women & Magic Reclaimed and Re-defined.”  The mixed media show seeks to explore the true nature of magic, specifically, women’s relationship with this particular source of power. While both genders have engaged in magical practices yielding priests/priestesses, sorcerers and witches, women have maintained a rather unique and intimate relationship with elements of nature and the spirit realm. In the Western context, magic has been misrepresented often associated with evil, negativity and darkness. Although polarity exists in all contexts of nature, this is a gross misrepresentation of the power of women that is seated in patriarchal, sexist and oftentimes racist ideology.  





Dolls by Rukiya


“Magic is really all around us.  It really is about our thoughts, minds, hearts and intentional being in alignment. This show represents the many ways women define magic and claim it in their lives,” Gris Gris Lab found Gia M. Hamilton said. “This show represents the goddess energy present in all womb-men. This show is about imagination, conjuring, praying, meditating, singing, dancing, creating, and connecting things.”




Women & Magic (Re)Claimed/(Re)defined
 Opening October 4th, 2009 at Gris Gris Lab



 Curated by Shantrelle P. Lewis
 Concept by Gia M. Hamilton
Featuring the work of Valerie Ceasar, Cleaster Cotton, Elen Awalom, Marcia Jones, Noelle Lorraine, Rukiya, Taslim Van Hattum, Camerian Abrams, Yacirah Cocolah, Tosha Grantham, Nakeisha Gumbs, Alicia Neal and Gia M. Hamilton

Artist Taslim Van Hattum and friends






Full Moon Altar
Singer Mickaela Harrison

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