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BREW IT YOURSELF : Mead, Ciders & Soda

January 9, 2011

  Brew It Yourself: Series I (Mead, Ciders, & Soda)
Tuesday, October 27

Conjure your own concoctions with the Brew It Yourself series led by Aaron
Hyde, owner of Brewstock Homebrewing Supplies. Aaron has been brewing for
over 12 years; having studied brewing, wine making, and viticulture at
UC-Davis and Texas Tech. He has taught beginning and advanced home brewing
classes in Wisconsin and New Orleans-both at Brewstock and the Southern
Food & Beverage Museum. Aaron opened Brewstock in January 2009, and he
currently brews wine and beer, roasts coffee and makes his own meads and

Each Brew It Yourself playshop will offer hands-on experience, sample
libations, as well as take-home guides and recipes for all of your magical

The first playshop of the series will offer an introduction to making
own meads, hard ciders and natural sodas. The focus will be on
fermentation of beverages using honey and cider, while you will also learn
about making non-alcoholic carbonated beverages. During the class we will
conjure up a small batch of mead, hard cider and a ginger beer soda.

$25 per playshop ** only $15 for Mead, Ciders, and Soda! **
$75.00 for all 4 sessions in advance

Register now, space is limited!!

RSVP for more info or
Contact Vignette at

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