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L’espirit D’haiti photographs by Christopher Mitchell

May 27, 2010


L’Espirit D’Haiti: One man’s photographic journey home

works by Christopher L. Mitchell


“Initiation Collection” spiritual works by Matthew Rosenbeck

TONIGHT Saturday May 29th from 6pm to 9pm

Beauty is found in the simplest of forms within the everyday experience. From the grand to the minute, each of us cannot escape the layers of surrealism, the textures and dynamics of our reality that devour each corner of our senses.

In the chaos of our day to day, it is by personal appointment that a chosen few take on the responsibility to record these layers of a never ending expedition.

On this photographic journey, it is necessary to capture timeless moments as they are. Digital photography demands that we enhance these truths with artificial manipulation, but they should be left raw and untouched as when they presented themselves.

The objective here is to exhibit a destination of images that individuals may have not had the opportunity to witness firsthand. To conquer obstacles of far away distances, or rare opportunities, the objective here is to exhibit what may have been missed.

– Christopher L. Mitchell

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