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National Acupuncture Detox Association Conference 2010

April 20, 2010

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You know we like to experiment at The Lab and this spring we are doing just that.  We’ve teamed up with community partners like CVCB Gallery,Goat in the Road Productions, Raw Food in New Orleans,, FabuNola, National Acupuncture Detox Association and our members to experience, explain and explore  the newness of spring.   We are rejuvenated by the warm weather and clear skies and ask that you give us feedback.  Let us know what programming you’d like to see at the Lab.  As our membership list and community partners grow, we find ourselves “in the field” creating Gris Gris Lab projects wherever we go, we are reaching communities in England,South Africa, Brazil, France and Mexico so feel free to forward this newsletter, become a member if you haven’t already,  stop by, introduce yourself and have iced herbal tea with us, volunteer in our garden and bring home some of the harvest or create something new in the materials-exchange art studio.

  Gris Gris Lab is also a youth friendly space so let young people & students know about the events, regular hours, internships, WiFi and art studio that is available to them.  Heck drag some of them down here every once in a while.  We are always looking to work with fresh new talent and open minded individuals, families and groups so email me with ideas for partnerships and let’s create together!  Because its spring, a new season and things are blossoming and blooming; we’ve asked a fellow Gris Gris Lab member and astrologer Samuel Reynolds to give us an introduction to astrology.

Betwixt Probability and Possibility: Where Astrology Lives

By Samuel F. Reynolds

Generally most people have misconceptions about  astrology in our community. Some are suspicious of astrology because it undermines their “free will” or autonomy.  Others believe that astrology may reveal too much about their fate and destiny as if they’re hermetically sealed books,  finally others who debunk astrology because science and religion tell them to kick it to the curb. However, very few listen to what astrology whispers about itself and from where.  In this short article, i would like to share with you how I’ve  come to think about astrology in my 20 years of study and 10 years of active practice as an astrologer.  For me, astrology uses planetary cycles as a mirror to mark,reflect,understand and illuminate the space between probability and possibility.  I know that’s a mouthful, so let me explain.

First off, the misconceptions I mentioned above have some measure of truth, as most misconceptions do.  The strongest reaction I had when I first encountered  astrology  was feeling that astrology attacks your free will.  This important as who wants to feel that distant planets dictate what and who we become as human beings? I certainly don’t and I don’t think astrology says planets dictate who are what you become.  I think they , more so TAKE dictation.  There’s a difference.

For more visit

Samuel F. Reynolds or 484.727.8277 and

  We are please to announce our partnership with NADA in March, 2010.  We offered 4 days of free ear acupuncture stress relief sessions to the public at The Lab.   NADA founder Dr. Smith sat with trainees at the Acupuncture Clinic at The Lab and discussed how this simple technique is being used all over the world, including most recently Haiti.  NADA members are working with Acupuncturist without Borders to assist with post traumatic stress syndrome in portable clinics in Port au Prince. Gia Hamilton, Gris Gris Lab founder, will join AWB to travel to Jacmel, Haiti to set  up a clinic with Jacmel’s native  photographer Christopher L. Mitchell whose work will be on display May 29th at The Lab.   And FabuNola and Gris Gris Lab will offer  Happy Release Hour beginning in May…stay tuned for details.

INTERLUDES offers high school seniors, emerging artists and curators an opportunity to produce shows in between major exhibits on a quarterly basis.  Interludes also features an interactive transforming component, you can be a part of the visual magic.  Available for field trips, groups and the community at large to “answer the magic call”. Book your group  today, call 504.872.0577 and interested talent should submit a one page narrative outline and up to ten images (jpg format) to

April 3rd  Saturday 11-4pm     Grits and Gardening with’s Raw Food Monthly Potluck and Gris Gris Mama, Gia Hamilton’s  LIVE interview on Vegan Radio ( 

April 14th Wednesday 7pm- 9pm New Moon in Aries Ritual free for members or $3 donation. Discussion and potluck

April 28th Wednesday 7pm-9pm  Full Moon in Scorpio Ritual free for members or $3 donation. Discussion and potluck

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